Dark Horse Brewing Company “Tres” Blueberry Stout

tres stout
I heard about the Dark Horse winter stout series from an article in Draft Magazine. I don’t actually get the paper version (I’m tempted to subscribe), but instead saw it online. I immediately liked the concept and went looking for it at my favorite craft beer store. One was already gone, but they had two and three in stock. Derek and I split the four packs, taking two of each to try.

While I’m not usually a fan of fruit (or fruity) beers, the “Tres”, or blueberry stout, intrigued me. The packaging is minimal and lacks inspiration. Perhaps they chose to spend money on the ingredients vs. an expensive label (admirable), but then why no ABV or other info on the bottle? Besides a government warning, address for the brewery, 12 FL OZ and deposit info, it’s a lot of white space. What’s even more odd is there’s no info on the web site either.┬áThankfully, someone on BeerAdvocate figured it out.

It pours a rich black with a nice head loaded with carbonation. It dissipates quickly, leaving a dark brown film on the top of the beer. The smell is a mix of light blueberry and chocolate malt. I immediately thought of chocolate covered blueberries. But it wasn’t over the top, just subtle and there.

The first taste surprises. The fruit is very subtle, hidden by layers of chocolate and roasted malt. The mouthfeel is much thicker than I expected once I figured out the ABV (4.5). I’d go so far as to call it “chewy” in the best way. There might be some black patent malt in there too. The finish is bitter chocolate with just a hint of blueberry lingering on the back of my tongue.

This one surprised me. It’s not a gimmick. It’s a solid beer that was great from start to finish. I’ll enjoy the 2nd one and look to get the third back from Derek if he’s not a fan. I’ll also seek out “Fore Smoked Stout” and “Plead the 5th” (Imperial Stout) when they come out. Highly recommended.

Taste: B+
Drinkability: A-
Vital Stats: 4.5 ABV. 12oz bottle served at ~45F.

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  1. Interesting, we were on the same page about a lot of things on this one including their puzzlingly minimalist packaging. You won’t be getting my 2nd bottle, btw. Glad you suggested this. This beer’s a winner.

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