Dark Horse Brewing Company – One Oatmeal Stout


In New England it’s time to start drinking stouts. The rain’s coming down and it’s about 45F. Bring on the big beers. I heard about the Stout Series from Dark Horse last summer and snatched up as many as I could find between December and March. I still have a few bottles of each kind in my cellar. When I saw the first installment was out for this years series I knew I had to give it a try. 

The oatmeal stout was the only one I missed last year, so I have nothing basis for comparison. It pours a deep, black color that lets little to no light through. What little head I was able to coax out of the pour quickly dissipates before I snap the second picture (below). The packaging is slightly improved with a color (sort of) label, but it’s not enough to get excited about. 

The smells coming off this beer are amazing. Coffee, cocoa and burnt sugar all come to mind. There’s a hint of sweetness, almost honey-like too. The first taste is not as full as I expected, but it’s pleasant. Terrific balance and the smells are true to the taste. There’s a hint of smoke at the finish, but it’s the balance this beer should be know for. Just a great sipping beer that’s true to the style. 

Taste: B+. True to the style, but would have liked a bit more depth.

Drinkability: B-. Not a ding, but any 8% ABV beer is going to slow you down.

Vital Stats: Served at 45F into a pint glass. 8% ABV. 



2 comments on “Dark Horse Brewing Company – One Oatmeal Stout

  1. Looks like a small step forward with the label this year! Will have to see if I can find this. Really liked the others in the series.

  2. I can give you one bottle if you want one. Redstone still had four packs when I was in there on Thursday. You could have them set one aside for you.

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