Creamy Goodness from @BellsBrewery


This beer was a nice surprise in a shipment from a friend in Washington, DC. I’d never had it before and since this is my last bottle, I figure it deserves a review. This is the second “dueling” review I have planned with Derek. It should be noted that I’m tasting this beer after the Ghandi Bot… whatever that means. 

I’m convinced if Bell’s were available in MA, it’d be one of my favorite breweries. Oberon might just be my go-to summer beer and their Two Hearted Ale would battle for regular rotation in the old Coke machine. Of course, Hopslam is a seasonal delight that would certainly have my focus in Feb/March. 



Special Double Cream Stout was a suprise and a nice one at that. It pours deep and dark with a nice head that fades relatively quickly and leaves nice lacing on the edge of the glass. It smell like a mocha frappe with a hint of malted milk balls. I love malted milk balls. 

The first taste doesn’t betray the smell. So smooth and creamy, with a nice cocoa/coffee/malty sweetness. Faint bubbles deliver a subtle hop tingle at just the right moment. This is a lot bigger than the 6.1% ABV suggests, but it’s soooo drinkable. 

It’s been about an hour since I first opened this beer and it’s just getting better by the minute. 

If anyone at Bell’s is listening, start sending me your beers ahead of your launch in MA and we’ll make sure it goes really smoothly.

Vital Stats: 12oz bottle served at 45-50F in a tulip glass. 6.1% ABV.

Taste: A-. Just what you’d expect. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Drinkability: A-. This beer scares me. It’s too smooth for the style. 

Packaging: B. It’s attractive, but nothing special.


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