Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp

tramp stamp

This one is labeled a “belgian IPA” which seems to me to be a curious combination. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but knew I had to give it a try.

It pours a deep amber with a nice head that quickly fades, leaving nice lacing on the glass. The smell is surprisingly subtle. I expected much bigger citrus/pine given it’s billing and actually get hints of vanilla and cloves. I’d definitely call the head “spicy” vs. “fruity.” That’s the belgian exerting itself.
The taste is hard to put my finger on. It sure tastes like a belgian (very yeasty), but it finishes like an IPA, like I’m holding a few nails in my mouth. I get some citrus, nice malt and continued spices as it fades to metal. Maybe I’mĀ over thinkingĀ this, but I’m not sure I like juxtaposing these two styles. I’m waiting for the sweetness of the belgian to come on at the finish and instead it makes me pucker.
I definitely think it’s worth a try. It’s not my favorite beer, but I wouldn’t hesitate to try it again in the future.

Taste: B

Drinkability: B-

Vital Stats: 22 oz bomber. 7% ABV. Served at ~40F.

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  1. I have a bottle of this that I’ve been looking forward to trying …although maybe a bit less now. Are we just suckers for a nice label?

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