Chocolate Thunder from Brooklyn

chocolate thunder

It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s from Brooklyn.  You can’t get away with a scrolling, majestic super-serif font on your label unless your beer can back it up, and this does.  Tonight I tried Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout and it is most definitely all of those things.  This one packs a wallop too at 10.0% ABV, hence the four-pack.

And the bigness doesn’t end with the ABV, oh no.  It’s got a big mouth feel, very creamy and kind of coats your tongue afterwards.  A very rich milkshake quality and black as the ace of spades.  This is beyond Guinness.  You’re going to get that sweetness that comes from a beer this potent, but it isn’t cloying.  You’ll get the dark chocolate (obviously) along with coffee, alcohol and cherries finishing with a dry malty flavor which lingers.

Brooklyn only brews this once a year for the winter and with good reason; you’d never want a beer like this in August.  It’s like a dark, warm sweater perfect for a night (like this one) where our 80th inch of snow since Christmas is falling as I speak.  I’m willing to bet that this would compliment chocolate desserts fantastically.  The one I actually have in mind having tried this beer is (for Boston readers) Konditor Meister‘s traditional Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cherry cake…see below).

black forest cake


I’m already putting the remainder of this four-pack aside to see how it ages in time for my birthday next year to pair with that very confection.  I expect great things.  This is a great imperial stout.

Taste:  A

Drinkability: B- (this is best suited as a dessert beer and is in no way a session item).

ABV:  10.0%


6 comments on “Chocolate Thunder from Brooklyn

  1. Awesome review and awesome beer – if I remember it correctly it has almost as much flavor as a Young’s Double Chocolate Stout but is a bit more balanced and bodied. Certainly one of my favorite beers in my favorite style.

  2. +1 on Matt’s comment. I’ve never had this one and will definitely add it to the shopping list. It’d be really interesting to taste this one side-by-side with the Founders Breakfast. We might need to make that happen next week. 🙂

  3. This is another great beer, seems we are drinking well tonight! Jim, I find it to be quite different from Founders Breakfast Stout which has a heavy coffee flavor. I think Youngs chocolate or Rogues Chocolate might be better comparisons in that regard. But for the price ($7.99 for a 4 pack around here), it is one of the best buys out there. I have 5 from last year aging right now. Though, I might use one to make some stout cupcakes…but thats a whole other post.

  4. Unknown at this point. From what I have read, they should keep for a few years if they are kept properly. Now..I doubt they last that long! I would like to try and keep at least one of them for 2 years from bottling date just to see what happens.

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