Cellared Pretty Things Once upon a time… EIP

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Another Pretty things beer dug out of the cellar and another historic recipe provided to Pretty Things by Ron Pattinson. This beer was purchased in mid 2011, and stored at New England cellar temp. If you are unfamiliar Pretty Things has an on going series of limited releases based on recipes that Ron Pattinson has provided from historic beers of the 19th and early 20th century. In a similar vane Ron has released a book for home brewers, the home brewers guide to vintage beers which contains some of the recipes that pretty things has released commercially. It’s an interesting read about historical impact of war, laws, and trade on beer styles over time. The beers found in the book and in the Pretty Things once upon a time series are unique compared to todays styles. This beer is no different, an East India Porter, a hoppy porter, somewhat similar to a black IPA but without the hop forward aroma. The beer pours not quite stout dark, with a loose tan head. The smell is of roasted malt, and slight noble hop aroma. The first sip hits the tongue with a slight malty sweetness, followed by a roasty bitter crisp finish. A few years ago this would not have been a style I enjoyed. While enjoying hoppy bitter beers, I’d have been challenged by the combination of bitter and roasty. In addition to what’s in the bottle pretty things does a nice job with their bottles, the label is unique, but identifiable as a Pretty things beer, and while their style has been updated in more current releases, it’s still uniquely identifiable. Add this to the list as another enjoyable beer by Pretty Things.
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