Celebrate good beer w/ @SierraNevada’s Celebration ale.


Sierra Nevada’s celebration ale is a beer I really look forward to every year. Before I was really into craft beer, I was into this beer. This american IPA has been around since 1981, and as far as I’m aware the recipe hasn’t changed. It’s said to be a bigger version of their flagship pale ale. 


It pours with minimal head, the aroma is your typical C hop (Cascade, Centennial, Columbus) aroma of bitter grapefruit / pine. To be honest I’m having a hard time picking up the nuances, and describing this beer, as I’m coming off a week or two long cold, and my sence of smell and taste haven’t fully recovered.

What I can tell you is this is a solid offering, I’ve had it too many times to count, and I buy it every year.

Drinkability – Despite it’s abv, you certainly could drink mroe than a few.

Taste – malty, bitter, hop balanced ipa.


Vitals. ABV 6.8 (sneaky, I’d have never even guessed it was above 5). Poured too cold into a perfect pint.



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