Butternuts Moo Thunder Stout

Second stop on the ‘Stouts of Boston’ Tour was the Parish Cafe. They are known for having a broad and deep beer list (to go along with their ‘drink your way to a personlized mug’ club) but we were left wanting for stouts. They only had two, and both were in cans. 

Butternuts Moo Thunder is a beer with an identity crisis. The can alone is confusing:


 “Moo Thunder Stout Farmhouse Ale” – Beer Advocate also lists this as a Milk Stout. 

My phone ate the picture of the pour, but rest assured you are not missing a thing. It poured dark and fizzy with no head. The nose was malty and full of coffee, but sweet coffee, like the syrup your mom let you mix with milk when you were a kid.

The taste was surprising. Imagine if Jones soda (famous for their interestingly flavored sodas) made a stout soda. That is exactly what this was. Thin with crazy carbonation. Incredibly easy to drink, it was light and smooth, almost watery. The flavour just wasn’t there. Maybe this was a bad can but it tasted liked watered-down, store brand Guiness. 

Taste: B. Thin and watery, this would be the perfect stout to take to the beach on a hot summer day. I’m not sure that’s a compliment to a stout…

Drinkability: A-. With the extreme bubbles and low ABV this was the easiest Stout of the night for me to finish. 

Vitals: 4.90% ABV poured from a can to a glass at a bar. Served colder than I think was good for it. 

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