Brew Free or Die IPA

A canned american IPA brewed by 21 Amendment a California brew pub, brewed in Minnesota with a name resembling the  the NH state motto, identity crisis much? It doesn’t really feel like a CA IPA, it doesn’t have the aroma of one, or the over the top american hop presence. It’s not an east coast IPA either, it doesn’t have an overly malt forward profile, it’s reasonably balanced, with nice hop flavor and bittering, but it’s not citrus forward.

I like it, I could definitely enjoy more. I’m a big fan of their pale ale offering, bitter american. The label is interesting, it  has ABV, IBU, and best by date. While it lacks ingredient detail, it’s still informative enough. I’ve been told that when they were bringing this to market, they reached out to the New Hampshire homebrew club, brew free or die (of which I’m a member) about the name, so they have that going for them.

I say give it a go.20140616-222225-80545801.jpg



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