Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA


San Diego’s Ballast Point Brewing produces one of the proverbial best IPAs out there, their Sculpin IPA.  I’ve had in it large and small bottles and on draft on the West Coast and it’s fortunately a staple in most craft beer stores locally in Massachusetts.  It’s in my top five IPAs and I recommend it all the time. Recently I had the opportunity to grab a bottle of their DIPA, Dorado, and have been saving it for a review.

Dorado smells of a rich blend of pine and grapefruit and pours a deep clear orange color. Very little head faded away quickly leaving light lacing.  I’m also a fan of a heavy pour to evoke flavors and smells, and the grapefuit citrus smell did not disappoint.  On the taste buds this is no doubt a hop bomb – any subtle malt flavor gets overwhelmed with a tsunami of hops.  The label says “Mash hopping, kettle hopping & dry hopping” – not sure the IBUs on this one but it has to be fairly high.  I am a fan of big hops with malt holding back back just from the edge and this delivers exactly that.  I have had the bottle for a couple months, and even though the “enjoy by” date stands at 7/31/13 I hope to get the chance to try some fresh.  Interesting that there no mention of the beer on the company website – looks like this is part of their “Robust Series” that they rarely bottle.

In the description on the bottle it says, “Hopheads rejoice!” – and rejoice we shall.

Vital Stats:  Served at 45F in a small tulip (glass is from Russian River – I figure West Coast nod was appropriate).  10% ABV.

Taste: A-.  Hops, hops and more hops – probably as bitter as I would go.  Nice cirtus/pine combo for a classic DIPA.

Drinkability: B.  ABV is up there, not the most sessionable of DIPAs (I know that’s a non sequitor but there are some I could drink all day).

Packaging: B+.  I love Ballast Point’s artwork – the Dorado is another name for the dolphinfish and they kept this as a nice complement to their other beers donning aquatic names.

Value: C.  $9.99 for a growler is pretty high. Same store on occasion has Heady Topper for $5 a can, making this look way too expensive even though it seems to be rare in New England.


10 comments on “Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA

  1. Ha! I pulled Sculpin as a CBS swap option, but I now I you guys might consider it to pedestrian. Curse your experienced palates!!! Not to worry I also grabbed a few other options for swapping. I’ll have to check my local craft brew store for Ballast’s DIPA. See you at Green St!

  2. John – Sculpin is a great CBS swap option! Putting that IPA in my top 5 does not make it pedestrian. That said, now your surprise is ruined 😉 Looking forward to catching up next week. By the way, what’s considered your local craft brew store?

  3. There is a significant difference between available, and pedestrian. I’d consider harpoon ipa, or latitude 48 pedestrian. You can get them anywhere, you won’t be wowed by them, but they aren’t going to be terrible either.Sculpin is a top notch IPA in my book, I’d be glad to walk away with a bottle.

  4. @Jim — heh@Adam — yeah, I ruined it, but I have another option. Pace and I go "Wines & More" in Mansfield. It’s the best we’ve found in the DSOB (Deep South of Boston). They have about four rows of craft brew and they do some tastings from time to time.@self — egads man, check your grammar before you hit submit.

  5. John, I also shop at Wines and More when I am visiting family, but find some of their prices to be a bit high. Have found a few gems at Corks just around the corner though!

  6. Great review, Adam! Sculpin would be a very solid walk-away beer for the CBS Yankee swap. I’m debating between going with something I know (and which may be known) or something very rare that I’ve never tried. Either way, you can’t go wrong. I’ll give anything by Ballast Point a go if I can find it. Even the stuff they’ve made that I’ve found "disappointing" is only disappointing by the standards I hold for that brewery (e.g. ).

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