Anderson Valley “Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale”

Thanks to @JimStorer for the bottles of Anderson.


This pours a rich, caramel color with an even head and light lacing. It smells pretty nice but not as spiced as I’d expect – strong notes of caramel, and lighter notes of nutmeg and cinnamon. The flavor is similar – it’s a really chewy beer that had a lingering taste. It was good, but I like some of the competition from Berkshire & Smuttynose a bit more. I’d certainly recommend buying this an will most likely even put it on tap at home …but it won’t bump my default brew yet (Smuttynose Old Brown Dog). Flavor: B+
Drinkability: B
Vitals: TBD

avbc winter solstice 1avbc winter solstice 2

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  1. @mattsolar the thing about @avbc Winter Solstice is it isn’t like all the other holiday beers. it’s subtle & has a smooth caramel flavor that’s pretty unique. it’s incredibly drinkable. i can only have so many of the heavily spiced beers before I feel like I’m drinking candles.

  2. I got this in a mixed case of craft beer back around Christmas and just now got around to trying it! I REALLY liked the the creme’ vanilla soda flavor (that’s what it reminded me of at least). I dont’ usually go in for the holiday berry beers but this is completely different! No I just need to find where I can ger more!

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