Adventures in Cellaring: The Great Chocolate Wreck

I don’t cellar too many beers, but this is one I did try it with.  I picked up a bottle of this limited series from Hamilton, NY’s Good Nature Brewing two years ago, and it’s been aging ever since.  The beer is named for a rail accident which occurred near the village of Hamilton back in 1955, wherein several cars carrying Nestle chocolate derailed.

Great Chocolate Wreck

Without having tried the beer when it was fresh, it’s not really possible to say how it changed, but I’d imagine at 10% that the booziness has mellowed somewhat.  Reading some contemporary reviews when it was originally released, it seems that the alcohol was well-tamed to start with.  The only place it was really evident was in the finish.  Some nice chocolate (cocoa) and roasted malt notes on this beer as you’d expect, along with hints of licorice but also a slightly chalky, bitter finish.  Medium-heavy mouth feel, but not super thick and chewy like some stouts are.

Overall a nice product from a new (at that time) brewery experimenting with cellarable beers.  I’d like to try some fresh if they have it next time I’m back in the Chenango Valley.

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