Adventures in Cellaring With Pretty Things’ Babayaga (Batch #2)

For those of you following along, last night was not successful when it comes to trying a cellared craft beer. But I continue on undeterred… tonight is another night! Another chance for something magical to happen. It’s time to get on with it!


Tonight I unearthed a Pretty Things Babayaga from October 2010 (batch #2). It’s been stored at cellar temperatures for the last two years. At 7% ABV, I was a little worried it may have had a hard time weathering two winters, but I pushed forward like a good explorer.

I cracked it open and immediately smelled the bottle… nothing off putting. All is good so far. The pour went well, beautiful color and appropriate head. A deep smell brings smoke/charcoal with hints of coffee and chocolate. A closer looks shows the head slowly fading away over the course of five minutes


The first taste is delightful! My tastes are not betrayed by what I smelled and this is a really enjoyable beer. A treat! The malt is strong in this one, with deep chocolate and perhaps a hint of burnt sugar (ahhh Christina’s) in there too. Just a great beer made better (?) with a chance to sit in the cellar for a bit. With the latest batch of Babayaga on shelves now, I’m certainly going to taste the latest batch soon and lay down a bottle or two for a deep sleep.

My adventures in cellaring continue…

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  1. Wow – after last night’s experience I was wondering if I need to fit more into my beer fridge. Glad to her about the Babayaga…I’ve got a late 2011 bottle still waiting. Trying hard to balance collecting with drinking – wishing there was a definitive guide to "how long to optimally store all beers at a specific temperature." …. but this is a great start. Thanks Jim.

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