Can from Maine, Baxter’s Stowaway I.P.A

This thursday beer is brought to you by Maine’s own Baxter Brewing’s Stowaway I.P.A. I’m a little surprised that this really good beer has yet to be reviewed by the crew here, it’s right up their ally. It’s a local, hoppy, uniquely packaged beer, with plenty to say about it. 


Acording to beer the lewiston Maine based Baxter is poised to break New Belgium’s initial year distribution record, on tract to produce 5k barrels since it’s January debut. All while just scratching the surface of New England distribution. It’s available in MA, but I have a hard time finding it outside of the greater Boston area. Which means I made a special trip to pick this up, and so should you. 

Now on to the tasting notes. I poured the can into a glass, as recomended by @baxterbrewing. It pours with a pillowy white head, which has laced my glass from top to bottom. The initial pour was at colder than optimal temp, but as it warmed the earthy slightly piny aroma came on strong. It’s not a sweet or tropical hop smell like you’d get from a west coast ipa, it’s a punched up English ipa made with more floral American hops. Hoppy but not overly bitter, tasting balanced, finishing dry but not biting. If you like beers like Green monster IPA, Dale’s pale ale you’d like this. I’d go as far as saying it’s the best IPA I’ve had in a can. Speaking of cans this one is cool looking, Black with a Jolly Rodger, and a cool orange tab.

Taste: A-. As said above, this is my favorite IPA in a can. 

Drinkability: B+. For it’s abv, it really drinkable, I can see having a few in the cooler at the beach, or BBQ, and thinking nothing of having a few.This isn’t a knock, just I can’t imagine wanting to drink more than one of these in one sitting. It’s meant to be savored. 

Vitals: Poured from a can 50F into my DFH pint glass. 6.9% ABV 69 IBU’s 



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