21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon

I have an astonishing (I think) proclamation. I had both a youth soccer annual meeting AND our June Board meeting where we have to approval the Fall team (as composed by the selection committees at each grade level). It’s as clusterfucky as meetings can be and didn’t wrap until close to 11pm. Of course, a couple of us hustled to the local 99 to decompress with a couple cold ones. I didn’t want anything too heavy/alcoholic, but also didn’t want anything macro (and I consider Sam Adams macro at this point). My buddy ordered a 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon and it looked good, so I had one too.

It WAS good.

It’s not something that will go down in my pantheon of great craft beers, but it was solid.

And it didn’t really taste like watermelon. The taste was in there, lurking in the background, but it wasn’t sweet and sticky like all too many fruit beers these days.

So I had a second… and I enjoyed that one too. #ymmv

Image Credit: www.mademan.com

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